MacGregor-Fors Lab
Ecology of Anthropogenic Systems
In this lab, we study several components related to the ecological patterns and processes that occur in human-modified landscapes. In general, we work with bioindicator groups (e.g., birds, butterflies), using their responses to habitat changes in assessing the ecological role of human disturbances. Besides studying the natural history of the groups we work with, as well as other conceptual and methodological topics, we pursue two main research topics: (i) community ecology in human-modified systems (mainly among urban ecosystems) and (ii) distribution, ecology, and behavior of exotic and invasive species.
Ian MacGregor-Fors
Department of Environment and Sustainability
Red de Ambiente y Sustentabilidad
Institute of Ecology (INECOL)
Carretera antigua a Coatepec 351
El Haya, Xalapa 91070
Veracruz, México
Tel. +52 (228) - Ext. 4322, 4312, 4301

"I love fools' experiments. I am always making them."

CR Darwin (1896)